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Created on 2009-05-01 14:20:52 (#170654), last updated 2012-10-22 (257 weeks ago)

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Name:Super Junior community
Location:Korea, The Republic of
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:For world-wide fans of Super Junior
A fan community by and for fans of the Korean pop/dance group Super Junior.

Some simple rules (which will be amended as necessary:

♥ Lock all media to the comm. Pretty self-explanatory. Please provide alternative download links if you can, but no requesting in comments please. And absolutely NO hassling for subs. I encourage you to post them if you have them or links to them, but do not request subs, especially for files which have yet to be released or which have only just been released.

♥ No wank - yes, you can agree to disagree, but if you get wanky, you get banned.

♥ Accept the SJ family, including Zhou Mi and Henry Lau. No Only5/Only13 wanted.

♥ No linking to locked posts. Period. You may lock your posts after a reasonable specified period (which must be stated in your post to the community and must be longer than 24 hrs). This isn't your chance to get more members/subscribers, so please be considerate.

♥ Fanfiction is welcome but please use a beta and spell check, as well as proper headers as follows (and please cut your stories!):

Pairings: (if any)
Rating: (improperly rated stories will be deleted and the user warned)
A/N: (if any)

Do not link your story to your journal and then lock it. It defeats the purpose of pimping here. If it's rated and you want to lock it, post it to the comm itself and lock there. Please post only your own stories and DO NOT PLAGIARISE.

♥ Icons/graphics are welcome but please post under a cut, and again, no linking to locked journals/communities. This is not an advertising service. -.-

♥ No advertising your comms here without previous authorisation from the maintainers/mods. Not even in your fic/icon/media posts. You may link from said journals (or offsite) but no advertising please. If you are planning a special event, please let us know and we'll consider allowing you to advertise for the duration.

Who is Super Junior? (sub-unit[s])

Park Jungsu aka Leeteuk/Eeteuk (T/H)

Kim Heechul (T)

Han Geng aka Hankyung (M)

Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung (H/KRY)

Kim Youngwoon aka Kangin (T/H)

Shin Donghee aka Shindong (T/H)

Lee Sungmin (T/H)

Lee Hyukjae aka Eunhyuk (T/H)

Choi Siwon (M)

Lee Donghae (M)

Kim Ryeowook (M/KRY)

Kim Kibum

Cho Kyuhyun (M/KRY)


Zhou Mi (M)

Henry Lau (M)

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