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sign-ups end oct. 23, 2012
assignments sent oct. 24, 2012
fics due via e-mail by 11:59PM EST, nov. 24, 2012
fic posting begins on dec. 1, 2012
authors revealed on dec. 8, 2012

Don't miss out on some holiday cheer—join now!
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Super Junior Commentfic Meme
@ [community profile] sujufics!

Leave prompts, write fills, everybody wins :D! Anon is on, all ratings and pairings accepted, including crossover and het pairings. We have a section for one-sentence fills, too! There's no ending date, so write and prompt to your heart's content!
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New to Super Junior or an old friend, [community profile] disco_drive is a great place to come and begin sharing and creating fanworks of all of our favorite Super Junior boys. Feel free to hop on over and take a look or join in the fun.
Rules || Join
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(I hope this is all right! ;; If not, please tell me and I'll delete it.)

Just posting to promote my multi-fandom friending meme for lost Livejournal users (but established DW users are welcome as well). Super Junior is definitely heavily involved. I'm a big fan myself (I wrote a lot of fic on LJ under [ profile] cascades, but nothing posted on DW so far) and a lot of my friends are too. We'd love to have more fans there!

Please check it out:

THE Livejournal TO Dreamwidth (FANDOM) FRIENDING MEME!

Leave a comment and make some new friends!
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[community profile] sujufics is a community for any and all Super Junior fanfiction!

[community profile] kyumi is a community dedicated to Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi!

Please come join the comms and start posting :) You can also help us out by spreading the word! You can reblog sujufics and/or kyumi on tumblr (the kyumi one also has a link to [community profile] sujufics, if you want to kill two birds with one stone).

See you there!
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Just to let everyone know, I've created a community dedicated to [community profile] yesung_x, dreamwidth needs him!
Right now it's pretty much a "yesungaday" community, but membership is open and anyone can share their own pictures, fanfics, graphics or anything else!

Please come Join or Watch [community profile] yesung_x, I promise we'll have a lot of sexy fun :3
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:) And finally, more than 5.5 seconds of Kibum lol
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